Startup Weekend Spencer: Ready, Set, Build!

We are beyond thrilled to have Startup Weekend Spencer kicking off! It will be a super exciting weekend of pitching, designing, planning and implementing a brand new ag-startup. As we type, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, designers and more from across the Midwest are converging at StartupCity Spencer, grabbing a drink, pulling out their iPads and getting ready to start pitching.

This weekend would not be complete without a very special guest keynote speaker, Andy Stoll. Our world is undergoing a massive shift, a change of a magnitude not seen since The Great Depression. This new era signals the end of the industrial age and has ushered in the democratization of entrepreneurship and creativity. Andy will joining us from Iowa City, where he co-founded a pioneering company that is working to find new ways to foster more grassroots entrepreneurial activity in places not traditionally known for such things. He will share some stories and specific strategies learned from his work that might help communities in northwest Iowa foster more startup and entrepreneurial activity, while inspiring entrepreneurs and “wantrapreneurs,” that there’s no better time to make their ideas happen then now.

If you want to last-minute register and participate in this very exciting Startup Weekend, click over to the official site.